When this is done perfectly, mobile marketing offers potential or existing customers utilizing smartphones with their own information that are personalized, location and time sensitive. They’ll be able to get whatever they want while they are on the go.

Experts agree that the future of marketing is through mobile, but it has already arrived today and will continue to grow. If you own a business, and you are not implementing a thing or two about mobile marketing, then you are already left behind.

How does it work?

Mobile marketing is similar in some ways with other forms of marketing. It involves ads that appear on various smart devices like tablets and mobile phones. The styles, customization, and formats of its ads can vary, since many social media platforms, mobile apps and websites have each of its own unique way of presenting adoptions.

The necessity of mobile marketing strategy

It is highly recommended that every business these days have a mobile marketing plan. It is comparable to how you need a wi-fi connection and a computer in this day and age, too. You see it clearly that in this day and age, many people are glued to the screens of their phones, simply just to find or take a look at what are the updates in their social media accounts. In the recent reports, 40 percent of the users’ time is spent on watching and flipping pages in their mobile devices. And because of this reason, it is not a good idea to just ignore the rise of mobile marketing.

Here are other statistics that prove mobile marketing is very important these days:

80 percent of the time spend on mobile devices are used on apps – the game apps use the largest percent of the app spent time
People browse over 70 percent web pages on their tablets rather than on their smartphones
The retail conversion rates on tablets are 2.2 percent, which is 0.7 percent higher on smartphones. However, traditional PC usage’ conversion rates are still in its high mark of 3.3 percent.
Searches on mobile devices have increased by 200 percent in the year 2012.
Mobile use has already been predicted to surpass usage on a desktop in the future.

With all these stats, it is obvious that mobile will always be here to stay. If the forecasts about it are true and correct, it will soon be overtaking the usage of a desktop. If you haven’t considered mobile marketing yet, it is a time that you find one and implement it now!

It is best that you hire a digital marketing agency to do the planning for your business as this will eliminate the time it will take to come up with a good plan. This is especially true when you are still new to mobile marketing.