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How Clash Royale Found Success In A Sea Of Game Apps

By August 29, 2017 No Comments

These days it’s not enough to have an excellent product. You also have to carefully think about how you will present it to the public and how to find the way to the users. A fantastic example of how to do this job properly is Clash Royale, a mobile game created by Supercell. The developers managed to keep the game among the top ones in the app store for over five years (since 2012), which means that there are a lot of things they are doing right.

What Is the Secret of Their Success?

According to Jonas Collaros, one of the head programmers of the game, the key to success lies in one thing – keeping the game free. However, the answer is probably far more complicated than that. It’s true that the fact that Clash Royale is free to play help, but that isn’t worth anything if you don’t offer a great game. And Clash Royale is fantastic with its fascinating mixture of high-paced action and strategy.

Another important factor to the game’s success is also that Supercell dedicated the high amount of attention to it both before and after they released it. The latter one is especially important. They were listening to what the players had to say about Clash Royale and implemented changes by that. They also tried to keep things innovative by regularly including new features and making the game better. In short, the developers never allowed themselves to kick back and watch the money coming in. Instead, they tried to repay the faith given by the gaming community.

Real Life Live Events

Supercell quickly realized that they also need to expand the communication with the players outside the game itself. When we say that we don’t mean just responding to e-mails and comments on the social networks. We mean on real-life live events, such as the ClashCon organized in Helsinki (Finland) in 2015. The creators came with an idea to host a conference where the players of Clash Royale from around the world would gather. The idea was conducted in Finland, and people from Supercell also participated in the event, giving players the opportunity to meet them and find out a new thing or two about the game.

Helsinki proved to be a place where the history of the Clash Royale is written one more time in 2016. It was there where the first tournament was organized, marking the entrance of the game into the e-sports arena. 200 of the best players from all over the world flew in to compete, and the winner took a grand €15,000 prize. Aside from that, the tournament was streamed live on YouTube and Twitch, where there were more than 60K viewers at one moment and more than 2.5 million in total.

If you want your product to leave its mark on the market, there isn’t a single thing you can leave unattended. Focusing on all parts of marketing and communicating with your users is essential, and Clash Royale is just another proof of that.