Digital vs. Traditional Marketing – The Best For You?

By July 30, 2017 No Comments

Maybe you are torn choosing between the traditional marketing and digital marketing. There are various debates and arguments about which among the two is most effective and efficient for businesses. If you want to decide which one of the two you should utilize in your business, here is a complete comparison between these two marketing strategies. Hopefully, you can make the right decision and choose the one that is most suitable for your business.

Digital marketing

As what the name implies, your marketing will most likely get involved in the technology advancement. Therefore, you will probably utilize various social media sites such as YouTube, blogs, websites, and advertisement. To make it simple, the digital marketing is much like traditional marketing. The only difference is that you are going to use devices and technology.

In digital marketing, you need to maintain a reputable online presence and make sure that can develop trust and loyalty with your customers through the blogs you post, articles you publish, and pictures and videos that you upload.

One of the advantages of digital marketing is that you can easily reach a wider range of audience without doing much. All you need to do is to maintain what you are doing and constantly think of fun and creative ideas to catch the attention of your readers and viewers. The larger the number of your followers is, the more you can gain potential customers and increase the sales.

Traditional marketing

Now, let’s take a look at traditional marketing. Traditional marketing involves in using tangible items such as prints, newspapers, or magazines. You can also create unique posters, ad campaign, or simply incorporate in TV and radio commercials. Have a photo shoot and paste it on the billboard, or create brochures for your business. To put it simply, traditional marketing is any strategy that does not involve any use of technological advancement or devices. In traditional marketing, you will mostly gather some potential buyers or audience from networking or referral.

Since traditional marketing is first introduced into the industry, finding ads in newspapers, magazines, or looking at the billboards with celebrities endorsing your product is not new to people. People will still love reading magazines or watch your TV commercial as they wait for their favorite show.

The only drawback in this kind of marketing is that it’s not easy to measure and keep track of your success. You cannot also easily communicate with your potential buyers unless they are the one to send you a message first if they are interested in your business. The concept is that you throw them information about your business, and you hope and wait that they’ll get interested and contact your business ASAP.

Final words

Now that you know the difference between the two, it will be easier for you to choose which among the most common yet effective marketing strategies is ideal for your business. Do not choose one that you are not familiar with. Otherwise, you will most likely fail in your marketing services. Choose the one that you are most comfortable with, and you are good to go.