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Clash Royale Might Have Helped Bring the Success to Golf Clash

By September 24, 2017 No Comments

I know you are probably aware of it already, but golf is a pretty expensive sport. Some of us had the experience of trying mini golf, but that’s not even close to the real thing. Fortunately, there is some great news for all people who lacked courage (and resources) to try themselves as golfers. There is no need to go the course; you can bring golf to your mobile phone via new game – the Golf Clash.

It’s not like other teams haven’t tried the same, but Playdemic is the one who got it right. They managed to create an addictive golf game for mobile devices. So, just how they did it?

Similarities between CR and GC

There is an interesting theory presented in one of the game reviews on the web. According to that, guys from Playdemic came to the innovative idea to transfer the successful concept of Clash Royale to the world of golf. It wasn’t an easy task to do, and certain adjustments were needed, but come to think about it – there are similarities.


First of all, both of the games pit you in 1-on-1 battles (or clashes, if you prefer). Just like Clash Royale, Golf Clash places two opponents on the golf course and only one of them can come outstanding (and with the double amount of invested money). There is the matchmaking system that’s also typical for this type of games – one that will pair you with a rival of similar skills so that you have a fair chance to win.

The outcome of Golf Clash is determined by who puts the ball into the hole first, which also resembles the destruction of the King Tower in Clash Royale. In the case of a tie, both games have a sudden death that lasts for a short time. Considering that they needed to adjust the idea of overtime to golf, Playdemic decided for a simple penalty shot with the goal of being as close to the hole as possible.

In-game Currencies

If you consider the area of in-game currencies, Playdemic literally copied the ones used in a more famous role-model game. Sure, it’s not like we first saw coins and gems in Clash Royale, but it seems too much just to be a coincidence. Golf Clash also tried to replicate the in-game purchase system and make it as fair as possible to the player. If you want to earn more while playing then click here and discover a whole new world of Golf Clash cheats which will help you out.

Finally, the developers knew that nothing is over once you publish the game. That’s only when everything starts; listening to what the community tells you is essential. The fact that they were providing regular updates with new courses and items, as well as with fixed bugs, certainly helped increase the reputation of the game.

Did they succeed?

In the end, there is nothing wrong with taking a formula that already proved successful on the market and trying to apply it to your product. The developers of Golf Clash had their unique idea, which found its way to players. After all, they are the ones that give the final verdict, and the rising number of Golf Clash users in the last couple of months is the best indicator that Playdemic hit the jackpot with this game.