How Clash Royale Found Success In A Sea Of Game Apps

These days it’s not enough to have an excellent product. You also have to carefully think about how you will present it to the public and how to find the way to the users. A fantastic example of how to do this job properly is Clash Royale, a mobile game created by Supercell. The developers managed to keep the game among the top ones in the app store for over five years (since 2012), which means that there are a lot of things they are doing right.

What Is the Secret of Their Success?

According to Jonas Collaros, one of the head programmers of the game, the key to success lies in one thing – keeping the game free. However, the answer is probably far more complicated than that. It’s true that the fact that Clash Royale is free to play help, but that isn’t worth anything if you don’t offer a great game. And Clash Royale is fantastic with its fascinating mixture of high-paced action and strategy.

Another important factor to the game’s success is also that Supercell dedicated the high amount of attention to it both before and after they released it. The latter one is especially important. They were listening to what the players had to say about Clash Royale and implemented changes by that. They also tried to keep things innovative by regularly including new features and making the game better. In short, the developers never allowed themselves to kick back and watch the money coming in. Instead, they tried to repay the faith given by the gaming community.

Real Life Live Events

Supercell quickly realized that they also need to expand the communication with the players outside the game itself. When we say that we don’t mean just responding to e-mails and comments on the social networks. We mean on real-life live events, such as the ClashCon organized in Helsinki (Finland) in 2015. The creators came with an idea to host a conference where the players of Clash Royale from around the world would gather. The idea was conducted in Finland, and people from Supercell also participated in the event, giving players the opportunity to meet them and find out a new thing or two about the game.

Helsinki proved to be a place where the history of the Clash Royale is written one more time in 2016. It was there where the first tournament was organized, marking the entrance of the game into the e-sports arena. 200 of the best players from all over the world flew in to compete, and the winner took a grand €15,000 prize. Aside from that, the tournament was streamed live on YouTube and Twitch, where there were more than 60K viewers at one moment and more than 2.5 million in total.

If you want your product to leave its mark on the market, there isn’t a single thing you can leave unattended. Focusing on all parts of marketing and communicating with your users is essential, and Clash Royale is just another proof of that.

Analysis Of 8 Ball Pool’s Marketing Strategy That Took It To The Top

8 Ball Pool

Still A Huge Success After Almost A Decade

I was reading up on 8 Ball Pool phenomena, and I couldn’t believe that the game is around for almost a decade. Yes, that’s right – Miniclip first released its successful simulation in 2008. The flash version immediately achieved great success and attracted millions of players from around the world. The obvious next step was to make a move to mobile phones. However, that was not an easy task to do, considering that it required the game to go through some changes.

The first attempt was unsuccessful. Few people remember 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool, the game released by Miniclip in 2012 and withdrawn from the market just a couple of months later. Christian Reshoeft, a member of the development team, claims that they had a lot to learn from that venture. The whole company realized that they only have one other shot at getting things right. Otherwise, they are risking the popularity of the brand and the reputation of the entire franchise.

Switching Focus To A Mobile Version Of 8 Ball Pool

Miniclip opened a separate office in Lisbon (Portugal), planning to make a team that will solely focus on developing mobile games. It only made sense that they had great expectations from 8 Ball Pool. The biggest challenge they had to overcome was how to transfer a game that runs on websites to smaller screens of mobile devices.

Touch screens are pretty specific, and it was hard to find the appropriate mechanisms of control. They tried various patterns and finally discovered that the secret is in the simplicity. The thing that required special focus was accuracy, which needed to be faultless, considering that it’s the core of the game. The developers had in mind that the small screen should be responsive even when the large fingers are playing the game. The result was amazing – the physics of the game were perfect to the delight of the fans around the world.

Synchronizing Data Made A Huge Difference

There was another area that required great attention by the team, claims Reshoeft. The web version of the game already had a broad fan base, and none of them wanted to start from scratch on their mobiles. Synchronizing all data and enabling the users to find all their items, levels, and stats the first time they log in required a lot of effort.

Once they overcame all the obstacles, the game was ready to hit the market. Miniclip team didn’t let themselves go on vacation, but they followed up on the feedback from their players. There were some starting issues and bugs to iron out, but soon it became a great success.

Just like many other mobile games’ developers, Reshoeft claims that the secret is in keeping things simple and making a game in such a way that the players want to come back often. That was their goal when they started creating the website version of the game, and that’s what they kept in mind until today. The way it is now, it seems that it worked and that we will all be returning to 8 Ball Pool for a long time.

Tips in Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Agency

Choosing your digital marketing agency isn’t as easy as choosing the celebrity that you’d want to endorse your product base on his popularity and reputation. Because digital marketing is one of the major and important aspects of your business, you should make sure that you are hiring the right company to do the job. Also, you will need to know the difference between digital and traditional marketing before making a decision. Here are the following tips that can help you choose the best digital marketing agency for your business.

Know what you need

Before you start contacting various companies that you know of, you should make sure that you know what you need. In that way, you will be able to build your expectations, decide which agency can provide you with the specific services that you need, and make sure that you are prepared to have a long-term transaction with them.

It could be that you are planning to branch into new areas and you’ll need the help of a digital marketing agency. You need to take into consideration the money that you are going to invest in the services that you want to get from them so that you can let them know a clear set of goals and your expectation from their company as well.

Create a list of requirements

When you find a potential agency that can suit your needs, present them with your list of requirements. This list will contain the services that you will want from them and the activities that you will be participating to achieve your goal. For instance, if you want them to develop your website, create quality content, work in your SEO, and market through email, then it should be included in your list. Letting them know what you need from them will help them start off right away and develop a plan to succeed the long-term project.

Opt for long-term partnership

As what we’ve mentioned above, it is important that you choose the right digital marketing agency because you will be working with them for an extended period. With that being said, you should prepare yourself for a long-term partnership with the company.

You should choose the one that lets you voice out your ideas and insights. You should be both transparent with each other and let them understand how your business works so that they can develop the most efficient and suitable marketing plans for your company.

Also, do not be close-minded and welcome all possibilities and ideas that the team can offer. Feedback is necessary from time to time. Let them know what they need to improve and praise them if they have exceeded your expectations.

Now that you know how to choose the best digital marketing agency, you are ready to go. Keep the tips above in mind, and you will surely find the agency that will understand what your company needs and give you the best digital marketing services that will improve both your online presence and business sales.

Signs that You Strongly Need to Employ Digital Strategies

A business cannot be expected to succeed if steps are not taken towards getting it to be so. In a day and get where computers and the internet considerably dominate the lives of almost everybody, it is important that companies can keep up with the pace. If you have noticed that you still have not progressed towards the right direction that you were hoping for despite your business being around for a time now, there may be a need for to employ some digital strategies.

There are a lot of people who can be quite quick to dismiss the fact that there may be a need for them to get some of these strategies employed. Below are some of those instances when a strong digital strategy may be the catalyst that you have been looking for.

You are not very familiar of your share of the online market

Many times, companies underestimate the reach and the capacity of the online audience to get them that share that they have always hoped for. People often forget that this is the age where people are fast shifting towards digital transactions. With more and more people making online purchases, it is high time that you will get a share of that. To tap into such a vast market, you will need the right strategies to do so.

You seem directionless

If you have not established a specific goal on what it is you want to achieve out of the establishment of your business for having a digital arm to your operations, then it is the time that some strategies are put in place. You will need to determine what are the things that you want to achieve, both short-term and long-term. Only when you have a good idea where you are headed to and he you have a good sense of direction that you can start drafting concrete steps towards actually getting them into fruition one step at a time.

Think of the competition

If you are not going to harness the vast digital resources that are present for you, your competitors will.  Competition is even stiffer and tougher in the digital world. The internet has since helped even out the playing field. This means that both small and large businesses can gain an equal footing if they know how to play their cards right.

You’re not optimizing

While sites now have analytics that will allow you to view how well or not it is performing, there are many instances when people pay very little attention to what is going on. This would have been an excellent opportunity to identify both the strong and the weak points of your website to address each while maximizing your profit in the process. You cannot expect your performance to improve when you are not even taking the necessary steps to do so in the first place. With the right people finding a good strategy for you and for the business platform you have, it would be easier to get right back on track to that road to success.

Employ the Best Digital Solutions for Your Business

bn today’s day and age where the internet rules, it is a fact that companies will not have to keep up with the times. When websites are fast becoming a standard for almost any business out there, it makes sense that effort should be exerted in ensuring that one gets to make the most you of their presence. Websites are one of the best digital solutions that companies can go for if they want to make a dent in their line of service. The best that they can be good for business is to maximize the budget for a great website. Before diving into the explanations you might want to check what type of marketing solution is the best for your business.

Understanding the need for good content

If you are aiming to get the most value out of your website, then there is going to be a need for you to harness SEO. For this o achieved, there is going to be a need for one to ensure that they get to curate their content and will only go for the good ones. With search engines holding such power and influence over which site gets to be more influential than the rest, it is only right that one has a good idea what are the elements that make content a good one.

Employing the best digital solutions

It is reassuring to know that there is a wide variety of choices that one can select from as far as implementing some digital solutions this does not mean that every single one is going to work for the kind of business platform that you have. But taking a closer look at what each of these solutions can help one decide which would better suit his business.

Social media marketing

This is the most important if what you are hoping for is to share your brand and to raise awareness when it comes to existence of your company and the product and the services attached to it. Advertising is always going to be a need for every business for it to thrive. This is why making sure that you will make the most out of such a vast and widely acknowledged platform is crucial if you are to succeed.


This has something to do with search engine marketing as well as search engine optimization. These are techniques that can be used to ensure that there is maximum visibility for the products that you are selling. If you have a website, you would certainly want to experience maximum visits. You will want even to get your search marketing strategies customized to ensure that you do not just meet your company’s goals, but that you do so too without deviating from you needs or your budget capacity.

E-commerce websites

If you are going to establish a website, you might as well make it your goal to sell the products that you are offering. You will need to see to it though that you get as much visibility as possible. So, employing strategies that will make you more noticeable is essential. You do have to remember too that there is competition. In fact, this expected to be stiff. Digital solutions these days provide businesses both big and small with simple, fast, and secure technologies to get these goals achieved in no time.


Digital vs. Traditional Marketing – The Best For You?

Maybe you are torn choosing between the traditional marketing and digital marketing. There are various debates and arguments about which among the two is most effective and efficient for businesses. If you want to decide which one of the two you should utilize in your business, here is a complete comparison between these two marketing strategies. Hopefully, you can make the right decision and choose the one that is most suitable for your business.

Digital marketing

As what the name implies, your marketing will most likely get involved in the technology advancement. Therefore, you will probably utilize various social media sites such as YouTube, blogs, websites, and advertisement. To make it simple, the digital marketing is much like traditional marketing. The only difference is that you are going to use devices and technology.

In digital marketing, you need to maintain a reputable online presence and make sure that can develop trust and loyalty with your customers through the blogs you post, articles you publish, and pictures and videos that you upload.

One of the advantages of digital marketing is that you can easily reach a wider range of audience without doing much. All you need to do is to maintain what you are doing and constantly think of fun and creative ideas to catch the attention of your readers and viewers. The larger the number of your followers is, the more you can gain potential customers and increase the sales.

Traditional marketing

Now, let’s take a look at traditional marketing. Traditional marketing involves in using tangible items such as prints, newspapers, or magazines. You can also create unique posters, ad campaign, or simply incorporate in TV and radio commercials. Have a photo shoot and paste it on the billboard, or create brochures for your business. To put it simply, traditional marketing is any strategy that does not involve any use of technological advancement or devices. In traditional marketing, you will mostly gather some potential buyers or audience from networking or referral.

Since traditional marketing is first introduced into the industry, finding ads in newspapers, magazines, or looking at the billboards with celebrities endorsing your product is not new to people. People will still love reading magazines or watch your TV commercial as they wait for their favorite show.

The only drawback in this kind of marketing is that it’s not easy to measure and keep track of your success. You cannot also easily communicate with your potential buyers unless they are the one to send you a message first if they are interested in your business. The concept is that you throw them information about your business, and you hope and wait that they’ll get interested and contact your business ASAP.

Final words

Now that you know the difference between the two, it will be easier for you to choose which among the most common yet effective marketing strategies is ideal for your business. Do not choose one that you are not familiar with. Otherwise, you will most likely fail in your marketing services. Choose the one that you are most comfortable with, and you are good to go.

How to Stay Ahead in Digital Marketing

It cannot be denied that digital marketing is one of the most used and efficient marketing strategies that most business people pay extra attention right way with the advancement of technology. Therefore, you should make sure that you stay ahead of your competitors. Here are some tips that can help you have the edge over your opponents when it comes to digital marketing.

Attend digital marketing conferences as much as you can

For you to gain new knowledge, explore, create new ideas, and ask for advice from experts in digital marketing, you should join as many conferences that you can. This will help you to enhance your strategies, avoid rookie mistakes, and most importantly, get significant exposure to the cutting-edge technology nowadays. Compared to other business people, you will know how to utilize it effectively and apply this in your marketing technique.

Keep a close track of your progress

You should also consider monitoring your progress by documenting all statistics, files, and feedbacks that you’ve made so far from the past couple of months. It will help you to analyze and determine on which strategy had helped to elevate your position and which strategy should you eliminate to avoid loss of sales. Tracking your success will not only let you show what you can offer but determine what you can still improve.

Join a LinkedIn Group

You need to connect with the right people to boost your company’s sale. Therefore, you should join a LinkedIn group wherein you can keep in touch with people that will help you to improve your strategies further. Aside from that, you can easily find virtual mentors in this group, and this is a good place for you to create a good profile about your company and achievements.

Determine your weaknesses

As much as you wanted to focus on your best assets, you should also pay attention to your weaknesses. Identify your weaknesses and make sure that you do something about it. Improve it and integrate it into digital marketing. It will help you to develop other creative marketing strategies as well. Always keep in mind that even a single weakness can bring great loss to the company. So work on it and keep on learning.

Keep on networking

Lastly, as what we’ve mentioned above, you should keep connections with the right people. Therefore, you should keep on networking and build strong relationships with people that can help you to enhance your business. Aside from that, networking will also help you to unravel new ideas that you’ve never heard before and incorporated it in your own business.

Now that you know how to stay ahead in digital marketing, you should start creating a strategy right now. You will notice the subtle changes in the marketing of your business, and hopefully, bring better results. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll work your way up and have the edge over your competitors.

The Many Benefits of Social Media to Business

Over the years, social media has indeed boomed to become the humongous entity that it has become now. In the past, only very few people were privy to it. But as access to computers and the internet and Smartphone’s increased, people have found it a lot easier to get into social media. From photo sharing sites to the personal information sharing sites, there has been an increase in the number of places where people can sign up and interact with other people. It has indeed, made the world a much smaller place.

Of course, something as brilliant as this, something as far-reaching as this can have some very positive implications for businesses. This can be a perfect setting where companies can advertise and market what they have to offer and get those sale goals achieved. Here are some of the reasons why you need to get a good social media marketing strategy if you have just started up a venture.

Your demographic stats are there

You will find that almost every single person in the world these days have signed up to most of these sites. You will be surprised at the vast variety of the demographics that are on these websites. This means that if you have a particular age group that you are trying to focus in as far as your product marketing is concerned; you will find that it is easier to identify them and then target them when you are signed up on these sites.

Raise awareness and exposure

It is a fact that every business requires exposure and outreach if it is ever to succeed. This is what you can expect to get if you are to pursue a marketing strategy using these sites. You will find that it is going to be a lot easier for you to get recognition when you establish a name and a reputation in these websites. So, if you want to set your name recall, these are the sites that you should get yourself involved in.

Increase traffic

The considerable reach that these websites have makes it possible for people to use such an influence to drive more people to their sites. If you have not been getting a lot of traffic to your business website, it is the time that you harness the use of social media to make it possible for you to get more people to come by, visit, and see what you have to offer.

Audience engagement

It is also very noteworthy how the engagement produced by interactions in social media is two-way streets. This means that you can quickly launch a product and post about it while you listen to actual, real-time feedback from people that have tried it. In the past, this would have caused money since you will have to conduct surveys and evaluations to see what the market pulse is. These days you get the product in real-time which means that adjusting your strategies to make sure that it will fit customer needs and preferences are going to be so much easier.

5 Mobile Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Because most people depend on their smartphones in doing almost everything, you need to take advantage of it and reach a wider range of audience and hopefully, potential buyers. There are lots of different mobile marketing techniques that you can try, and here are the top 5 most effective mobile marketing techniques that have been tested and proven by many business experts.

Content marketing

Since not all people can easily access the internet in various parts of the world, you should opt for content marketing then. You can send them opt-in campaigns through their mobile numbers. You can also alert them if you are giving out huge discounts in your company and offer rewards once they agree to sign up and receive regular text messages from your business.

What makes the text marketing effective is that people can easily read the content, compared to email or in their social media accounts.

Mobile-friendly website

You also need to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly. The designs should let your customers reach and navigate your site using their smartphones. A mobile-friendly website would be a must to all entrepreneurs, especially if you wanted to reach a wider range of audience. You can hire a web designer to help you create a presentable mobile version of your website, or you can simply offer an application for your business that they can easily access through their smartphones and tablets.

Provide mobile payments

Customers always want convenience. They will most likely avoid you if your payment method is complicated and time-consuming. Therefore, you should consider offering mobile payments. It’s relatively easy to use, provides greater security, cost-effective, and it can be done in just a matter of minutes. Surely, your customers would love to shop for your products or services knowing that they can quickly pay you anytime and anywhere.

Create a reputable online presence

Your online presence must also take into consideration. If you want to create a name in public, the best way to do it is to maintain your important online presence. It will require your commitment and dedication to sharing posts, pictures, creating videos, starting a meaningful conversation, and responding quickly to all inquiries about your company. In that way, you can gain the trust of your audience and encourage them to invest in your business.

Offer mobile customer service

Your client wanted to track his order in the middle of the night. Getting up and turning on his laptop to update is time-consuming. Therefore, you should offer mobile customer service. Allow them to track their orders, leave some comments, send you a message, and other details about your product and company. It will be convenient and hassle-free for the both of you if you do it over the phone.

Final Words

Try out some of the aforementioned mobile marketing techniques that we’ve mentioned above, and you will most likely succeed in marketing your business through the use of mobile. Your creativity should be directly proportional to the advancement of the technology nowadays if you want to stay on the top.

5 Most Effective Content Marketing Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Regardless of your type of business, products, or services that you can offer, content marketing is crucial. Therefore, before you start your content marketing, you should read as much as you can to prepare yourself. Here are the 5 most effective content marketing tips every young entrepreneur should know.

Develop your business blog

The first thing that you should do is to grow your business blog. This will serve as your starting point in updating your content blog regularly. However, once you start creating and developing your content blog, you need to make sure that you can upload creative blogs almost every day.

Utilize the right tools

Do not use a large number of tools if you don’t know how to use it properly. Instead, you should make sure that you are using the right tools right from the start. Utilizing the right tools will help you to boost your content blog. Gather all the necessary tools that you need to run your business smoothly.

Quality over quantity

You must’ve heard it before, but you need to prioritize quality over quantity. Publishing quality articles every day will help you to gain a significant number of readers and hopefully shares to other social networking sites.

Storytelling is also one of the most used yet effective content marketing techniques that you can try. Just make sure that you can keep the interest of your readers so that they will have something to look forward in your next post. We’ve also made a strong point about how to improve your search engine marketing.

quality over quantity

Try to re-create

It cannot be denied that there would be days when you can’t think of anything new or creative to publish for your readers. Therefore, you should try re-creating instead. Creating info graphics from your past posts is an effective way to build statistic-heavy blogs for your readers who are looking for an in-depth discussion and analysis. You don’t need to think of something new every day; you just need to make sure that all of your content can be recreated so that you can use it in future posts as well.

Find the right influencers

People will always opt for someone highly-recognized in the industry. With that being said, you must find the right influencers for your business. There are lots of popular bloggers that you can find online. Make sure that you keep in touch with the right people that you need in your business. When people see that you have a good relationship with an important influencer or blogger, they will also be most likely to check out your blog as well and see what you can offer.


These are just some of the most effective content marketing tips that you can try. This will serve as your starting point because you’ve just started your business. Keep the tips above in mind and be consistent. You also need to be patient because you will never see the results of your work overnight. Keep on working, and you’ll be one of the highly-recognized business bloggers in your industry.